Based on the principle that sustainable, grassroots travel can promote cross-cultural understanding, Intrepid Group strives to be a company that fosters peace and social justice.

That's why we formalised our commitment to supporting and respecting internationally proclaimed human rights, through the creation of our own Human Rights Policy in 2012.

The policy outlines how we protect human rights, within our sphere of influence, while treating our staff, travellers, suppliers and local communities with fairness and respect. The policy also outlines how we can avoid contributing to human rights abuses by working with our stakeholders to address any barriers to responsible practices.

We use our size and scale as a global business to advocate for the most vulnerable individuals and communities within our sphere of influence, prescribing to the Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework. We also support to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and use these principles to guide our staff and promote equity across our global community.

Read our full Human Rights Policy here.

Human Rights Policy

2012 Human Rights Policy Intrepid Group Global